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Hi, I'm Isaac I'm a full stack developer and all-round IT guy. I love working on a wide spectrum of areas from cloud solutions and websites to networking and pen testing.
I also really enjoy design (as you can tell by this site), UX/Ui design, working with people, psychology and problem solvings

Some of my work

I've made while working as the IT & web development lead at 'CPD for Me™'
January 2020 - Present day

Some of the other stuff

I've made while studying and running Vanilla Escape

What me mum (& other people) say
about me

Statement of Excellence

Lorrae O'Brien, Head Teacher Creative Design & Ideation TAFE NSW North Region

This Student applied himself to all set tasks to produce excellent results, extending his existing capabilities to find new creative solutions. His energy and enthusiasm as well as his generous sharing and collaboration with peers was a welcome contribution to the class dynamic.

He possesses a level of professionalism that complements the industry needs of today and would be an asset to any organisation as a digital designer into the future.

Paula Gilmour, 'CPD for Me™' Founder

Isaac is a talented web developer and designer who is always learning. He is a team player, interacts well with staff and more importantly, a man of integrity. He helped us recover from a crippling cyber hack back in early 2019 and into a multi award winning company. I admire the way Isaac has developed over the past few years, where no task is too big or small. Isaac has built multiple websites for CPD for Me™ and MidCoast Digital, always thinking outside the square. I am delighted that our websites require only a few days a month of his time so he can follow his Sydney dreams and passion for design.
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Me Mum

What can I say? Yes, of course I am biased, but actually, Isaac has been working with colour since he was just a little kid. He is a quick thinker and he has the ability to create unique solutions to issues that come up. Isaac is also a big softy, he is very kind, is happy to help others, and does this with great patience. He would be an asset to any employer.

Michael Rees, TAFE Teacher

I really liked the original and unique feel that Isaac made with his work, his use of sketches was fantastic. Will definitely recommend!

Phil Hoa, TAFE Teacher

I was impressed by Isaac throughout the whole project process. He delivered a design based on time and in his own style. Will definitely recommend!

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